GIS Implementation

Razavi designs and supports efficient enterprise level databases, applications, and systems. Razavi implements the full suite of Esri geographic information system (GIS) Software.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is powerful technology that integrates software and hardware to analyze, display, and model data in visual ways that help us understand our world. GIS has many governmental and business uses, not only for the geographic component, but also to support broad business process analysis and applications. The ability to integrate and display data visually is a valuable tool in many software implementations and has become a standard in governmental organizations to help achieve their missions. Razavi has extensive experience with GIS, the Esri suite of GIS software, and Accela GIS integration.

Esri’s technology enables organizations to create responsible, sustainable solutions to problems at local and global scales.

For Federal Government, Razavi provides GIS services on Oracle Spatial platforms.