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Accela Developer (position 270)

Responsible for designing and developing Accela event and batch scripts as well as developing Accela interfaces. Must have extensive knowledge of .Net or Java programing. Works on Accela implementation, on or offsite with a team of developers and analysts. Participates in meetings with clients. Possess strong analytical skills, and the ability to communicate Accela capabilities with non-technical individuals. Bachelor’s degree is required. Apply Today.

Accela DBA (position 271)

Responsible for maintaining Accela database, installation, and environments as well as data conversion. Must have extensive knowledge of Oracle and SQL Server administration. Must be able to develop database procedures and functions with deep knowledge of SQL queries. Bachelor’s degree is required. Apply Today.

What's New

Boston, Massachusetts, March 1, 2020. Razavi Application Developers, Inc. has extended its success for migrating Accela implementations into the cloud. Razavi has successfully migrated Accela’s permitting and licensing operation at the Department of Environmental Protection and the enforcement operation of the Massachusetts Environmental Police to the Cloud. This is Razavi’s fifth statewide agency that has successfully been migrated to the Cloud. Our clients report savings of 30% to 50% in infrastructure costs as well as reduced maintenance costs. Our client’s operations in the Cloud have also enabled them to improve the reliability and up-time of the Accela system along with high availability and disaster recovery.

Let Razavi assess how you could benefit from migration to the Cloud. Razavi has the team and the experience to help your agency move its Accela implementation to the cloud.

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