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May 2017. Razavi has deployed Online Construction Permit Intake using Accela Citizen Access (ACA) for the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) in Washington DC. Businesses and residents can now use ACA to apply, pay and receive "Postcard", "Supplemental", and "Construction" permits online. Razavi implemented Accela's permitting, licensing and enforcement modules in 2008 and has been supporting and maintaining Accela in Washington DC for the past nine years. Prior to 2008, DCRA was using Razavi's custom developed websites for accepting permit applications. Migrating to ACA allows the entire process: application submission, payment, plan review, permit issuance, and inspection scheduling to be carried out online. Razavi has been serving Washington DC's  Information Technology needs such as GIS, PeopleSoft, Micro Strategy, QC, Data Warehousing, Database Development and .Net Development since 2000. For more information:

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February 2017. The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) has unveiled Safe and Simple, a new initiative aimed at improving the way DCRA serves District residents and businesses. As part of the initiative, DCRA announced three new services that the agency will begin offering immediately: online scheduling for appointments at the agency’s Permit and Licensing Centers, a new how-to guide for obtaining a deck permit, and online scheduling for permit-based inspections. Razavi has been delivering efficiencies through technology to DCRA since 2004. Razavi’s “online scheduling for permit based inspections” implementation is our latest contribution to ensuring that the DC Government remains at the forefront of civic engagement. See the video on YouTube.

October 2016. City of Fairfax, Virginia, has awarded Razavi Application Developers a contract to implement Accela for the Building and Planning Departments. The City of Fairfax is ranked #3 on the Top 25 Places to Live Well (Forbes 2009). You can walk in downtown Fairfax to enjoy unique restaurants, free community festivals and boutique shops. Only a few minutes away from Downtown Washington DC where you can find  yourself in front of the White House or some of the world-famous (and free)  Smithsonian museums. In the City of Fairfax, the median income  is $100,584 and the median home value is $462,800.

September 2016. Razavi Application Developers, Inc. welcomes Gregory Mietelski as its Senior Accela Consultant. Greg joins us from Accela with ten years of experience in Accela implementation and 18 years of experience in software engineering and solution consulting. Mr. Mietelski has participated in major Accela implementation projects such as New York City; Michigan State; City of Madison, Wisconsin; Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia;

June 2016. Commonwealth of Massachusetts has awarded Razavi Application Developers, Inc. the ITS63 Staff Augmentation contract for ePLACE (electronic Permits, Licenses, Authorizations, Certifications and Eligibility) implementation. Razavi has been engaged in licensing and permitting projects for the Commonwealth since July 2014.

October 2015. Congratulations to Razavi developers Fatih Andican, Domingo De Jesus, and Tejal Patel for completing the course work, passing the examination, and receiving their certificates for Accela Scripting 3.0. Razavi Application Developers remains dedicated to Accela's Civic Platform technology and continues to be one of the leading Accela implementation partners.

September 2015, DC Government has awarded Razavi Application Developers, Inc. a contract to migrate the enterprise licensing system of a major agency to the cloud. Razavi was selected for its expertise in implementation of mission critical systems and the ability to carry out large project efforts in an expedited manner.

August 2015, Razavi Application Developers, Inc. welcomes Hermon Davis as its Enterprise Application Manager. Hermon joins us from Leon County, Florida, with twenty years of project management and implementation experience in government IT systems. Mr. Davis is a certified Government Chief Information Officer with extensive expertise in strategic planning. Read more about Hermon in the "Our People" section.

July 2015, two of Razavi's analysts receive their certification as Scrum Masters. Razavi Application Developers, Inc. is committed to improving large scale system development and integration through the Agile approach.

June 2015, Razavi Application Developers, Inc. rolled out Accela for the City of Columbus, Ohio. More than 700 Employees of the Columbus Department of Public Service (DPS) provide a variety of basic services that maintain and improve the City of Columbus residents' traveling safety, quality of life and supports the economic development of the city. DPS needed an efficient and automated way to manage the right-of-way permits and leases along the 6,300 lane-miles of roadways, bridges, and sidewalks. Razavi implemented 17 different permit types for excavation, occupancy, construction, and pass through.

Razavi implemented a Right of way Permits module for the City's Accela Land Management Solution. Twenty four (24) record types were developed to automate the following categories of Permits:

  • Excavation permits involving construction/reconstruction and requiring compliance with approved plans and restoration of the original conditions.
  • Cafe eating, Banners & Site Amenities Permits
  • Occupancy permits allowing the use and occupation of public right-of-way for a variety of durations from a few days to perpetual leases.
  • Construction or reconstruction of sidewalk or driveway infrastructure in the right-of-way.
  • Over-size loads traversing right-of-way and needing special routing or removal of assets to complete their journey.
  • Valet Parking Permits

This new solution for the Department of Public Services is an enterprise approach for the City by bringing permits for activities in the public right of way into the Accela Civic Platform. This has enabled the Department of Public Servives to increase their efficiency through collaborative reviews, enhanced reporting and increased access across multiple departments and distribution of permit applications.